2020 Winter Tour Dates Confirmed

Thrilled to have the following four dates confirmed for our winter tour of Germany:

03 / 11 / 2020 Joshua Jaswon Octet @ Bb Jazz Club Berlin
04 / 11 / 2020 Joshua Jaswon Octet @ Urban Jazz Exchange Hamburg
05 / 11 / 2020 Joshua Jaswon Octet @ Linden Jazz Session Hannover
06 / 11 / 2020 Joshua Jaswon Octet @ Blaue Fabrik Dresden

Anna Serierse NL – Vocals
Joshua Jaswon UK – Alto and Soprano Saxophone
Miguel Gorodi UK – Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Marc Doffey DE – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Andrej Ugoljew RU – Trombone
Igor Osypov UA – Guitar
Sidney Werner DE – Double Bass
Aarón Castrillo ES – Drums

Joshua Jaswon Octet Recordings Mixed!

Very excited that the debut album of my octet featuring these awesome musicians has now been recorded and fully mixed:

Anna Serierse NL – Vocals
Joshua Jaswon UK – Alto and Soprano Saxophone
Marc Doffey DE – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Miguel Gorodi ES – Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Jan Landowski PL – Trombone
Johannes Mann DE- Guitar
Sidney Werner DE – Double Bass
Aarón Castrillo ES – Drums

More info to come soon

Joshua Jaswon & Nick Costly-White Duo Recital Review

Lovely to receive these kind words from the University of Oxford about mine and guitar maestro Nick Costley-White’s duo recital there earlier this year:

‘…then recital was a huge success from our point of view, as you could tell, I hope, from the enthusiastic response of the audience.

‘…it was a privilege to hear you both play, and at such a standard of consummate excellence, but also to discover jazz sounds and compositions probably none of us had heard before…’

‘…I hadn’t fully realised your stature as a composer, to add to that as a sax player…what a special and rare joy it was, too, to hear a full recital on the soprano saxophone….’

Joshua Jaswon Oktett @ Georg-Neumann-Saal, Berlin

So enjoyed playing my European Masters Final Recital with these amazing musicians:

Die Internationale Oktett spielen eine neue ‘Long-Form’ Komposition von Joshua Jaswon, um das Thema Klima-Wandel

Das Konzert zeigt eine Zusammenarbeit / Kollaboration mit Jazz Musikerinnen und Musiker aus Deutschland, England, den Niederlande, Russland, Spanien und Norwegen.

Joshua Jaswon UK – Alto and Soprano Saxophone
Marc Doffey DE – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Anna Serierse NL – Vocals
Miguel Gorod ES  – Trompete und Flügelhorn
Andrej Ugoljew RU – Posaune
Johannes Mann  DE- Gittare
Sidney Werner DE – Kontrabass
Amund Kleppan NO – Schlagzeug

Georg-Neumann-Saal, Gebäude des Jazz-Instituts Berlin

EUJAM Ensemble @ Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

EUJAM Ensemble playing Copenhagen tonight, with these awesome cats:

Tyge Jessen – trumpet, DK
Julius Windisch – piano, DE
Pere Antoni Bujosa Abellan – bass, ES
Anna-Serierse – voice, NL
Jonas Leon Røsten – piano, NO
Joshua Jaswon – sax, UK
Luca-Sguera – piano, IT
Matt Choboter – piano, CA
Tomek van Leeuwen – bass, NL
Jessie Brevé – sax, NL
Julia Perminova – piano, RUS


Joshua Jaswon Octet @ La Gare, Paris

It was fantastic to perform to a packed house @ La Gare with the Paris based formation of my Reduce. Reuse. Recycle octet! Lot’s of new music; unbelievable vibe and always a please to play with these awesome musicians:

Inès Matady – Vocals
Clémentine Ristord – Soprano Saxophone
Pierre-Marie Lapprand – Tenor Saxophone
Quentin Lourties – Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Cyril Galamini – Trombone
Noé Huchard – Piano
Juan Villarroel – Double Bass
David Paycha – Drums

European Jazz Masters Ensemble in Trondheim, Norway

Looking forward to playing this evening’s concert in Norway @ Dokkhuset Trondheim with the other fantastic musicians on the European Jazz Masters Programme.

We’ll be playing original compositions featuring:

Andrej Ugoljew (tbn)
Joshua Jaswon (as)
Jonathan Nagel (acb)
Aarón Castrillo (dr)
Pere Antoni Buosa Abellan (b)
Anna Serierse (voc)
Julius Windisch (p)
Tyge Jessen (tpt)
Jonas Leon Jacobsson Røsten(p)
Lukas Zabulionis (ts)

Jazz at KAS: The Joshua Jaswon Quartet

On Friday 15th of September the Joshua Jaswon Quartet will be performing music from its debut album Ribbons at the King Alfred School Performing Arts Department in celebration of a new grand piano the department has acquired.

The band will feature some absolutely remarkable musicians with Rob Barron on Piano, Flo Moore on Double Bass and David Ingamells on Drums.

Free entry

Doors open at 6.40pm

Concert starts at 7.00pm

The venue is a short walk from Golders Green underground station